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Resources for Nutrition Clients

This folder is for to support you on your health journey, you will find meals and snacks based on calories in here. New recipes updated regularly. Videos on tips to stay on track and food prep ideas. 

Fluffy Low Carb Protein Pancakes
2 egg whites in a clean bowl
2 egg yolks in another bowl
1/2 tsp baking powder *gf if required
1 scoop protein powder 
1 large ripe soft banana

2 tablespoons flour GF if required 
toppings frozen berries and 3 stevia drops
see video for method
This portion serves one person  492Kcal
65g Carbs 38g Protein 10g Fat

Healthy Food
TURKEY SAUSAGE ROLLS_edited_edited.jpg

Turkey pastry rolls

A healthy short cut twist to sausage rolls

7 servings with 216Kcals per serving 

15.2g Carbs

11.7g Fat

12.1g Protein 


What you need: 

 250g Lean turkey mince

1 roll Gluten free or regular Jus Roll pastry sheets- Supervalu stock gluten free in the butter fridge  

2 tablespoons tomatoe passata

70g soft goats cheese 

1 large handful baby spinach

1 egg  in a cup beaten or if allergic use dairy free milk 

1 tablespoon olive oil

salt, thyme, garlic, chives for seasoning


Take pastry out of the fridge and open out to set

In a pan fry off the turkey mince with the herbs, oil and spinach 

Turn the heat down and add in the spinach to sautee and soften then add the tomatoes passata and lastly add the soft goats cheese, gently stirring it in and take off the heat to cool.

Lay out the pastry and cut into 7 long strips , spoon in the centre of one side of the strip the turkey mix be careful not to fill too much and fold over like the image to the left.  Then tuck the outer edges up and press closed gently. Cut a few with a knife over the the top to allow heat to escape. Gently glaze with egg or milk.

Bake at 200c   for 20-30mins check to see if its crispy enough

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