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Once off services

Our current list of once off services available to everyone.

Once off Sport Nutrition advice

For those engaged in sport

Are you looking to support a current Sport discipline or Programme with more focused Nutrition
I offer a once off Nutrition plan for those engaged in all sport diciplines who need guidance on Macros,  Energy nutrition and Recovery
Contact me below to enquire further. 

Cost of this service is €120.00 for one off session

Lifting Barbell
Life coaching

Health issues

Once off advise for a general issue which does not need long term support 

I also offer a 1-2-1 session for advice on health issues. 

This service is offered as a once off and the price is €80.00.
Reach out below for further information. 

Pregnancy treatment or massage

Throughout pregnancy especially in the later weeks some mothers experience back pain and discomfort , gentle massage, stretching and dry needling in some cases can give great relief. We also see mothers who are having pain post pregnancy.  We can advise you on exercises to strengthen the lower back and give long term relief.

Pregnancy treatment is €45

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