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Nutritional Therapy

. The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system

Nutritional Therapy package cost is €220 for 3 months support.

Nutritional Therapy is for everyone, it is centred on supporting all aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing: digestion, immune health, energy and blood sugar management, toxin removal and elimination, circulation and transport, hormonal function and susceptibility to food responses. We look at all aspects of a client’s life from stress, lifestyle factors, past medical history and previous life challenges, family history and genetic predisposition.

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Preparing Eggplant
Preparing Eggplant

Diabetes, Non-alcoholic fatty liver and Cholesterol

Ali has extensive experience in supporting people in reducing high cholesterol and raised fatty liver markers by guiding them on a a diet plan to change foods that are contributing to ill-health and also recommending lifestyle changes which play a large part in raising cholesterol and fatty liver. It is not just diet-related, stress is one of the biggest drivers of cholesterol and fatty- liver. Ali uses researched and approved Nutraceutical supplements for both conditions to manage and reduce symptoms alongside diet and lifestyle changes.

Fresh Vegetables

Digestive Issues, IBD and IBS

Ali has extensive experience in supporting clients with a number of digestive issues, using stool testing, urine and breath tests, Elimination diets, symptom journaling and analysis. Ali will guide and support you to reduce your digestive symptoms, improve your gut health and tolerance. The approaches will depend on the digestive issues, test results and medical history of the client. You may be required to undergo stool and gut testing which Ali will guide you on through Labs she uses.

Healthy Food

Joint Health and Inflammation

Whether you are recovering from a recent injury, have ongoing joint pain or arthritis your diet will be able to help reduce your inflammation and aid a healthy recovery. Ali can guide you with an antiinflammatory meal plan to include foods that reduce inflammation and eliminate foods that trigger and heighten inflammation pathways. She can also guide you on approved and effective natural supplements to support a quicker recovery. Auto immune joint conditions respond well to the Auto Immune Protocol reducing inflammation triggers and removing trigger foods.

Homemade Remedies

Autoimmune conditions

Ali has extensive experience in supporting clients with Auto immune conditions in managing their condition better to reduce flare ups. She has worked with clients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, Chrohns, Thyroiditis, Graves, Psorasis and Type 1 Diabetes.


Fertility and Pregnancy health

Ali has successfully supported couples who have been trying to conceive with nutritional, lifestyle and nutraceutical support to strengthen their chances alongside natural means and IVF. She has also worked with clients to improve overall hormonal health such as missed menstrual cycles , irregular cycles, PMS and heavy cycles, PCOS and Endometriosis as well as supporting Men with low sperm health. 

We also advise mothers to be on vitamins to take and foods to avoid while pregnant or trying to conceive. 

Sports Facility 3

Sports Performance

Ali is very passionate about Sport and has competed in Sport all her life. She has worked with sports clients in the following areas and is always open to new sports clients who are passionate about how their Nutrition and Lifestyle can influence their performances.


Triathletes and Long Distance Runners

Ali does plans to support effective recovery and maximum endurance and performance to include Meal plans and supplement recommendations alongside Lifestyle recommendations to match their demands and body composition. Ali has been involved in Cobh Triathlon Club for 9 years and has an appreciation of the demands of the sport.

Weightlifting exercises

Strength Athletes

Whether your chosen sport is Weightlifting, Powerlifting or Crossfit, Ali can support you with a Meal Plan to aid your recovery and strength gains while maintaining the body composition you need for your chosen weight class or for your goals. Ali enjoys and appreciated the role of strength training, having experience in Crossfit and weightlifting herself for a number of years. 

Chiropractic Treatment

Other Areas

Ali also works with clients who have low energy, fatigue and joint pain. Through the guidance of Lab and stool tests on energy markers and inflammation markers, she can support you with recommendation to improve how your body makes energy. Nutritional Therapy can also help brain health issues such as foggy head, headaches, alzheimers, low mood or irritability. Contact Ali and discuss your issues, she may be able to help you using a model of Functional Medicine Nutrition.

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