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Sleep - the best vitamin you should be getting more of....

Ideal sleep is 7-9hours

Sleeping less than 7 hours increasing your risk of weight gain by 50%!!!!!!!! Because your hunger hormone rises- its not will power its lack of sleep

Increases you risk of heart disease by 48%!!!!!

Increases your risk of dementia by 33!!!!!

And that is if you don't kill yourself by having an accident from lack of sleep first

When sleep is low our inflammation rises, our blood pressure rises, our resting heart rate rises and we suppress the immune system so we get sick.

  • make a commitment to get 7 hours sleep a night

  • if you struggle to get this much sleep because you wake then have naps or use a herbal supplement to support your brain to wind down

  • practise sleep hygiene so your quality of sleep is better

  • sleep hygiene- sunlight during the day , no caffeine after 2pm, swap night time exercise to day time and most important do not sit in front of phone, laptop, play station in the hour or two before bed , avoid high sugar foods before bed.

  • Exercise daily to support the body to feel drained enough for good sleep

  • Some herbs that help- Ltheanine or valerian- if you are restless : ashwagandha if your mind is over active: rhodiola if you are stressed melatonin or GABBA if you wake a lot, magnesium taurine or glycine if your body is restless

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Thanks for this Ali. I hope all is well. I am away on holidays next week for 1 week, so i will make an appointment to see you again when I am home. I want to get my bloods done again to see the Vit D result.

Me gusta
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